HyllieLunchen med Ricardo Koanuka från Outside Comfort Zone

Arrangör HyllieLunchen
Tid 2021-09-28 07:4509:15
Plats Malmö Arena, Malmö


Hyllielunchen kommer att istället för lunch att ha frukostträffar tills vidare... ...logistikmässigt passar detta bättre eftersom Malmö Arena inte har öppet i Percys restaurang på luncherna.

Ni går in via Malmö Arena Hotel (receptionen) vi möter upp er och slussar er vidare till loge 301.

Ni betalar endast 95kr för frukosten som ni hämtar och betalar i Percys och sen går in i loge 301.

Speak to inspire - become a trainer
 Build your brand and sell more by creating a long-lasting impact on your audience with IMR, Internal Metaphoric Representation, a technique that can be used on stages, video conferences, or for social media videos.

SPEAKERS vs TRAINERS Good trainers share the SPEAKER´S desire to inform and inspire as they develop their audience's capacities. Similarly, the best TRAINERS use facilitation techniques to encourage the audience's participation and support the learning process.

--- ABOUT YOUR TRAINER Ricardo Koanuka has a licensed master's degree from the founders of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who also thought Tony Robbins. NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, studies excellence and teaches skills that promote positive change, which generates new possibilities and opportunities.

Ricardo has been a trainer and speaker in big arenas in Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, and Cyprus. He also holds workshops in public speaking and how to become a trainer.

He is the founder of the mind-training organization Outside Comfort Zone, the production company Koanuka Films, the director of the award-winning documentary Resilience, and the author of the book; No more bullshit stories.

De kommer bli en härlig frukost!

Vi ses på tisdag!

Samir & Ireet