Tip the Velvet - Stay Outside Burlesque

Arrangör Tip the Velvet
Tid 2021-09-04 19:002021-09-11 21:00
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90 kr

Welcome to our second ever online show!

Join us for a pre-recorded tribute to nature, being naked and the combination of the two. As such, all acts have been recorded in the great outdoors! Hosted by the producers of Tip the Velvet and featuring our very own Velvet Vixens!

A link will be sent to all the tickets holders the day before the show (or later of you purchased afterward). No software needed!

Please note! Simple Signup does not send you a tickets, only a confirmation e-mail.

Can't make it on that date? Live in a different time zone? No problem! The entire show will be available for one week after the initial broadcast so you can watch it any time you want during that time. A link will be sent once the original stream has been broadcast.

On stage... outside:

Athéna Morgane & Kitty Champagne

Eden Lost

Ember Raven


Lord Beaverbottom, Chris Cockrocker & Zack Rider

Florence Shimmermore

Mone't Ha-Sidi