2nd connection: how far is Europe?

Arrangör Proqvi
Tid 2020-05-25 13:0016:00
Plats Project Pocket, Helsingborg
2nd connection: how far is Europe?

Our latest project, and the last we managed to conduct before covid-19 hit the agenda, was 2ND CONNECTION. We did it in Turkey together with colleagues from Turkey, UK, Ireland, Romania and Greece; our Italian group was already hit by the lockdown... The project itself was a training course dedicated to perspectives on cultural backgrounds, meeting between different generations and perceptions of stories and histories. We all heard about nationalism, isn't it about time to start talk internationalism?
We invite civil society organisations, public institutions, youth workers and curious young people to join us for a discussion in "life after the project", what do our ideas about our background, do to us?
We will be glad to share some findings from the training course, as well as tell you how we managed to conduct it in the first place, thanks to Erasmus+ programme and open mind of local youth of Helsingborg.
Due to circumstances, we limit the amount of participants to 15 persons, so please don't wait with the registration! Participation is free of charge.