Raise your employability in Sweden!

Arrangör Ruth Ndjavé Brodin
Tid 2018-08-06 09:30
Plats Årsta Park kontorhotell, Stockholm
group 1
297 kr

As new comer, you can raise your employability by making easy for an employer to say yes. Do you know you are the job you look for? That you have more influence over the outcome of your "job search"? Hiring decision are emotional, how can you use this insight to raise your empowerment in the "job search" process and as a result, your chance for employment?
How can you do that when data, politics and medias seem to tell you can´t, that uncertainty, frustration or fear dominates?
During this workshop, you will get to understand that nothing in your life really happen outside of you, including your "job search". You will:
* understand what work relationship truly is
* stop to perceive the job search as uncertainty and fight
* get insight on where your potential for success lies
* get insight on how to apply it to your "job search" to increase result. * you will get insight to how to set up a  search system that drives success

As a bonus, I will share the main limitations employers perceive about hiring new comers in Sweden (survey made with 50 employers in Skåne open to hire "cultural diverse").
participation fee: 297sek

Facilitator: Ruth Ndjave Brodin, Transformational Coach, former HR professional with scandinavian work experience (Denmark & Sweden), involved in initiatives to facilitate cultural diversity@work